About Us

Arizona is so vast, so empty... It is so easy to feel small, insignificant, lost and hopeless...


Find the path of hope!

  Our name tells you exactly who we are and what we can do for you!   

‘El paso’ translates to ‘the passage’ or ‘the path.’ Our motto, ‘el paso de la esperanza,’ describes our mission of providing the path of hope!' 

El Paso Family Mentoring and Counseling Services was founded with an intense desire to help individuals and families of ALL socio-economic groups to find the path of hope and to obtain the resources, tools and life-skills to better cope with the trials of everything from substance abuse to merely getting along with other family members, neighbors and the community at large.    

  Whenever mentoring is needed, we will provide guidance in the development of the behavioral skills necessary to negotiate life's most challenging situations.  

Should counseling be required, we are ready to listen to each individual’s story, to learn of the pain and hardships, to analyze the reasons behind the suffering and to share the most advantageous avenues of recovery and restoration.  


Executive Director

Cody Morales, LCSW - Executive Director


Cody has 14 years of experience in social service.  She has been the clinical director for several programs throughout her career.  Trained as a Dialectical Behavioral Therapist and Acceptance and Commitment Therapist, she specializes in working with people challenged with personality struggles.  Cody has a passion for mentoring clinicians and is a board approved clinical supervisor.  She has also become a frequent speaker at  conferences throughout Arizona, speaking on acceptance in behavioral health.  Cody joined El Paso as their first clinical director and has made it her passion to support and clinically grow this budding agency.