Child & Adolescent Services

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in-home services monday-sunday 7:00am-9:00Pm by appointment

general Services PROVIDED IN-HOME!


Therapy can be provided to all ages from infant to elderly. Having occasional therapy integrated into our lives doesn’t mean that something is necessarily wrong, but it helps in ways that make life's stress easier to manage. Therapists help us to identify and successfully process personal struggles, grief, joy, addictions, relationship complications, parental conflicts and general unhealthy feelings. Therapists are held to a high level of confidentiality. If you are unsure that seeing a therapist is right for you or your family, give us a call and we'll provide you with a free consultation with one of our therapists of your choice.  

Skill Development

Skill development is targeted toward increasing social and living skills that greatly increase success in school performance, community life and relationships. Proper social behavior enables us to have quality and lasting friendships, make better decisions and establish a healthy attitude. Without a developed set of social skills, our youth are much more likely to feel outcast, be easily influenced by negative crowds and behaviors, lose motivation to educate themselves, commit crime and repeat other unhealthy and negative experiences from their past. Living skills are not only important to learn, but are imperative to everyone’s health and vitality. It is sad to know that many of our youth and young adults do not even know the basics of personal hygiene and cleanliness.  

We can help you develop:

· Living Skills 

· Behavior Skills 

· Parenting Skills 

· Companionship 

· Coping Skills  

Our programs can help with...

· Depression 

· Academic Challenges 

· Anger Management 

· Anxiety or Fears 

· Attention Deficit 

· Behavioral Issues 

· Coping Skills 

· Divorce 

· Domestic Abuse 

· Domestic Violence 

· Emotional Disturbance 

· Family Conflict 

· Learning Disabilities 

· Life Coaching 

· Loss or Grief 

· Oppositional Defiance 

· Pain Management


· Relationship Issues 

· Self Esteem 

· Sexual Abuse 

· Substance Abuse 

· Teen Violence 

· Trauma and PSTD 

· Bipolar Disorder  

Basic Needs

Sometimes we don’t know where to turn to solve our greatest challenges.  How will I feed my children? They need clothing - where can I get it?  How can I take them to the doctor? And now I have to care for my parents too – how can I best provide for them?  

We can provide assistance finding:

· Food 

· Clothing 

· Transportation for Medical or Hygienic Reasons 

· Childcare services 

· Services for the elderly  

A Look at Our Programs

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